Easter eggs from work.  A peace sign and “I love U”.  The u in I love U is just above the house.

I had a great day at work today.  I finished (basically) what they hired me to do.  All of the culverts data in the Storm Water Management Area has been consolidated and flagged for verification by field staff!  Of the 288 culverts about 80 need verification. 

Also at work I turned in my hours sheet to my boss and he asked my mentor how I am doing and if he should hire me.  (They don’t have a job opening right now, so he was just kidding around/asking if I would be a good employee) and she totally answered that I am awesome and yes he should hire me.  :-)  I would be very okay with that.  Anyways, it was a good compliment.

She also asked me about my classes so she could give me her input on the classes i should take to help me out the most.  She told me I should learn what I can about geodatabases because a lot of city/county gis depts. are still stuck in shapefile-land.  You might not understand what that is, but I do.  She looked into my courses and i turns out one of the classes I’m taking next term dabbles in geodatabases.  She gave me one of the optional textbooks for that class that is ALL about geodatabases to look over just so i can learn a bit more of that stuff.  I’m going to skimming through it for the next week or two.

And my grandpa and uncle took me out for lunch during my lunchbreak.  Still no $1000 from the radio contest…

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